Social Work

Alvaro Noboa helps Ecuador through the Social Work done by Crusade for a New Humanity Foundation

Alvaro Noboa and his social work towards the ecuadorian people

The Crusade For A New Humanity Foundation is inspired with deep Christian principles of love and solidarity. Businessman Álvaro Noboa is aware of its social responsibility with those who have little in the country, hence he create the Crusade For A New Humanity Foundation. This organization work on social areas like: education, health, employment, sports, and other needs that the state can’t fully cover. With the support of her wife, Dr. Anabella Azin, Noboa directs the Foundation personally with a great work team. The Foundation is sponsored by Álvaro Noboa personal fortune and its enterprises help with programs of social development that he uses to carry on the Foundation’s labor.

The economic help first began as an action for the people in the year of 1976, when a medical dispensary was created in the suburbs. After the year of 1981 the Crusade For A New Humanity of Love, Union and Personal Growth was officially created.

Currently there are groups of union created who work on communities on favor the most needed. From this date to the present time, over 13,000 of people have been attended, with economical help which is distributed on the following way:

  • 30% of help for medicines
  • 30% of help for people with cancer, Chemotherapies and Radiotherapies
  • 10% of help for rehabilitation and prosthetics
  • 15% of help for surgeries
  • 10% of help for disabled people and their businesses
  • 5% of help for people with HIV

Alvaro Noboa: “Our efforts are helping Ecuador”.

The mobile clinics with their medical brigades roam the country offering free medical attention to mothers, children, youths, adults and the elderly of the country who don’t have access to health services.

The Attorney Álvaro Noboa presented before the nation a report of the work performed by the Foundation and their team of collaborators under his direction.

According to the report of Dr. Anabella Azin on the year of 2005, the Crusade For A New Humanity performed over 270 medical visits in all the provinces of the country, offering preventive medicine, and delivering free medicine for more than 135,000 patients. Many campaigns against parasites were performed on schools of the Coast, Highlands, and Orient. Dr. Azin informed that they discovered infectious diseases like malaria, skin diseases, hypertension, diabetes, and a great percentage of anemia and parasitic diseases. In the provinces of the coast, like Esmeraldas and Manabi, who were assailed by marsh fever, scabies, and breathing diseases gave them a large number of sick people. The population of the province of Los Rios suffered from marsh fever, dengue, typhoid and also breathing diseases. In the province of El Oro a tuberculosis outbreak was detained as well as skin diseases and breathing diseases.

There are different pathologies, informed Dr. Azin, for example there is a high incidence on diabetes, lice, scabies, undernourishment, which are common diseases in the Ecuador caused by parasites or by lice.

Something we observed which is curious, is to have found several cases of dwarfism on the population of Rio Verde, which is a small town located on the border between Guayas and Manabi. Because of this it has been requested that the Ministry of Health investigate the causes.