Crusade Invitation

Counselor Alvaro Noboa, founder of the crusade for a New Humanity Foundation together with his wife Dr. Annabella Azin have been personally supervising the work performed by the Medical Brigades who have since January until today offered free medicine and medical attention to 12.580 victims.

Diseases brought about by the flooding such as gastritis, bronquitis, neumonia and eruptive ones such as chickenpox prey mainly on children who live in marginal and rural areas of the country making the work performed by the Crusade for a New Humanity on behalf of the poorest in Ecuador all that more important.

The clinics-on-wheels with their Medical Brigades have delivered free medical attention in these months of heavy flooding to 12580 patients who have been present in the following locations.




Guayas Province

Rancho Oro
Recinto Estrella
Rancho negro
Puerto Inca – Sevilla
Jesús María
Lomas de Sargentillo
Taura- Milagros

Provincia de los Ríos

Nueva Unión
La Clara
Puerta Negra
El Salto

Coop. Monte Sinaí
Cerro San Eduardo
Bastión Popular
El Fortín
Los Vergeles
Coop. San Francisco I y II

The Medical Brigades will continue to attend to the needs of those poorest in the country permanently as has been traditional, extending health care and supporting health care, education and employment. Impresario Alvaro Noboa, conscious of his social responsibility to those poorest created the Crusade New Humanity Foundation in 1980 and since then has not ceased to perform humanitarian work.

The New Humanity Crusade has been present in all natural disasters which affected the nation, to aleviate the victims’ pain. We were present when the population suffered consequences of the “El Niño” phenomenon in 1983, 1998 and 1999; at the Cerro del Carmen fire in 1984; at the earthquake which struck the city of Bahia in the Manabi province in 1998; during emergencies arisen by volcano eruptions of Pichincha and Tungurahua peaks; in the flooding that overran the city of Chone in April of 2000, in The Tungurahua and Chimborazo provinces to the volcano eruption victims in 2006.

At present the medical Brigades of the Crusade for a New Humanity Foundation are carrying out nation-wide service and free medical attention Plan on a permanent basis, delivering free medicine in marginal and rural villages in the country, always alert to act in cases of emergency.

The Medical Brigades will attend to the public on Tuesday April 22nd in the east Mapasingue sector and The El Cerro Coop.; on Wednesday April 23rd at The Cerro San Eduardo and Virgen del Cisne Coop.

Counselor Alvaro Noboa invites you to join The New Humanity Crusade labor to help the victims, given the scope of disaster the loving support and solidarity of all ecuadorians is needed.


Address: Malecón 512 y Tomás Martínez (mezzanine)
Phono: (593-4)2307283-2307272