Álvaro Noboa: Job Proposal

Ecuadorian. With God.

I must inform you that Grupo Noboa has become the number one company in Ecuador, as a company, the most important in this country. I must also inform you that it has grown and continues to grow in such a way that it has become one of the richest companies in the world. For this reason, seeing this success that we have achieved, we are going to start a great campaign so that Grupo Noboa grows even more.

In this great campaign it is necessary to recruit professionals, farmers, workers, the best in their area. And we are going to give them work. Work is the most important thing and what most interests people in the whole world.

A citizen who is asking for money on the street, $5, $10 because he needs it. We have resolved that we serve him better if we give him work, because work is much stronger than charity, because work is what allows your children to go to schools, go to universities, go to the best places to continue growing together with Grupo Noboa. Let’s go ahead Ecuadorian, let’s go ahead.
Glory to God. Long live Ecuador.

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