Ecuadorians, citizens of the world.

I am going to tell you the story of everything that the poor suffer, victims of politicians. And I’m going to tell you my personal story, a rich man who defends and loves the poor.

Back when I was 22 years old, at the University, I worked for the poor. In short, I was tortured, taken to the wall, slept in jail without any cover, just a simple newspaper, they left me in a warehouse to die and then they took me out and after two months, without finding any reason, they released me. Then, in 1998, I ran for president, I had never been a politician, and I won the elections that publicly, it is recognized, were stolen from me at that time. In 2006, he won the first round elections against Rafael Correa, and in the second round, who knows, what is known is that there was the hand of the FARC and the hand of Chávez.

So, I rested a bit from politics, I continued in the business world, which is my profession, and I continued through the New Humanity Crusade Foundation helping the poor. We have helped more than five hundred thousand people through medical help, scholarships, free medicine, free doctors, and everything we can do. And now, they are planning to destroy me as a political opponent because I am first in the polls with 52%, and when they see that they cannot do anything, they cannot think of anything, because they are not dedicated to helping the poor, they go and close my political party Adelante Ecuador Adelante, and they leave me without a party.

8 more parties are offered for me to lead because they were with my cause, I chose one of them and now they are in the process of seeing how they challenge, two, two parties challenge our current party so that it cannot run in the elections. In short, it is the story, I repeat, of the poor who finally pay the bill, because they are the victims of all these mafias that are dedicated to stealing money from the poor to enrich themselves.

And it is the story of a rich man, I, who loves, loves the poor very much.

Glory to God Ecuadorians. Long live Ecuador