Notice of Alvaro Noboa published in El Comercio of Peru

PDF_EL_Comercio_de_PeruAlvaro Noboa published a notice in El Comercio newspaper of Peru. There he requests the resignation of President Rafael Correa and explains the economic and political situation in the Ecuador.



1.- They just released from jail on Tuesday, September 1st two of the twelve indicted felons after charging several judges who refused to do so. Among other crimes they sprayed gasoline on your own police force in the port of Engabao and burnt down houses with people inside from two neighboring farms owned by us for more than 30 years which they seek to appropiate by force. These felons were surprisingly able to change, as I told you, many judges that refused to set them free until the last judge let them go.

The police refused to jail the other 10 fugitives even after we sued the Governor and the Chief of Police.

In this tiny port of 500 people within the port of Engabao, filled with fishing canoes, the police encountered a sizable drug trade. Drugs are constantly found and trafficking continues. There is a legend that the canoes take drugs out to sea where it is picked up by transatlantic ships and that the controls exercised in large ports such as the Guayaquil are for “show” because the ship sails clean from Guayaquil and the drugs are picked up from those canoes from Engabao, in the open seas. To top it off, there are luxury houses of two rich people mixed in with local commune people, laugh out loud economist Correa, they claim to be part of the commune.

You should investigate these “two communal millionaires” and their houses and guest houses.

The communes and tribes in Ecuador are forbidden to either sell communal land or rent it to third parties. You should investigate these two rich people and who is behind them.

2.- The same thing occurred with the drug-ridden diplomatic pouch from Ecuador to Europe that was used for drug trafficking to Europe.

3.- The same thing happened with the Clementina farm that you took from the Noboa Corporation to collect back taxes from the group, where I work, for one hundred million dollars of transfer price taxes for only one year when competitors, our same size were charged 200 thousand dollars in transfer price taxes making it an obvious political persecution for me because I beat you in the first round of presidential election of 2006. Anyway, as soon as they took the farm, government employees took over its management, a few months later a small plane landed loaded with drugs in the farm that the police had to intervene and seized the drugs forced by the farm workers complaints.

4.- And like this, there are more examples of drugs, drugs and more drugs everywhere and you are not a drug trafficker. Don´t allow our country, Ecuador and the Ecuadorians to be seen as a country of mafias.

Your governing period has already ended. RESIGN AND LEAVE IN GOOD TERMS before its too late and the country goes into civil war.

People are hungry, there is wide-spread unemployment, there is a big fiscal budget deficit, and nobody wants to lend money to Ecuador under normal circumstances.

We are not on the verge of a beastly crisis. Private and public employees cannot survive on their income because of high taxes. Nobody wants to invest here due to your bad image nationally and internationally.

By the way, your Internal Revenue Service and Labor Ministry people are already politically persecuting me again for having requested your resignation. They want to scare me. I am not afraid; they are the ones that are terrified. My request of resignation is also directed at them and all those heads of your government. When you leave, the power must be handed over to someone with thorough knowledge of economics to avoid a financial collapse and that person should have a good national and international image and a good head and strength in order to return to democracy, recover freedom, including freedom of press; in order to be able to reactivate the economy to have impartial courts, impartial Assembly (Congress) and all government organizations which ceased to be democratic must be reorganized and afterwards call for elections, thus starting a new free and democratic republic.

The constitution was broken by you, not by us, the people of Ecuador. Don´t allow the country to explode and shed innocent blood.

We are at the bottom of the barrel like Germany and Japan were after the Second World War only to later become the second and third richest, free and democratic countries in the world. It can be done!

Ecuadorians, act without feat like me. Protest peacefully and massively. Join me in asking for Economist Rafael Correa´s resignation. May your children never see you with fear!

Glory be to God
Long live Ecuador
Go forward Ecuador, go forward!

Alvaro Noboa
[email protected]