The Legal Director of the Noboa Corporation, Dr. Sylka Sánchez, assured, “that the IRS has used this new law like a weapon, like a political instrument against Álvaro Noboa.”

The law was approved by the National Assembly last Thursday, and the Director of the IRS admitted that he was able to use it to undertake the seizure of various possessions from Noboa and to take precautionary measures.

Dr. Sánchez explained that before the law, the IRS could not act against supposed owners of companies:  “The law was created premeditatedly,” she asserted. “They have acted under the assumption that Álvaro Noboa is the owner of Bananera Noboa. “

El Universo Newspaper will publish these statements today, October 2, 2012, in a report that includes the concern of businessmen in regards to the greater powers of coercion that the new law grants the IRS.  “There is a great risk of arbitrary decision-making and subjectivity,” they indicate, given that the IRS employees who operate like judges in regards to the executing of a demand, can apply cautionary measures against stock holders of the business as well as people related to it, solely by presuming that they belong to the principal debtors.