Ecuadorians; Citizens of the world, today I am writing to you to give you a report on how things are going in Ecuador and throughout the world.

In the Electoral Tribunal they are currently discussing whether the “Adelante Ecuatoriano” Party is ready to participate in the elections … of course it is ready, we have argued it several times but it seems that the shadow of corruption, fraud, and drug trafficking continue to envelop to the State of Ecuador.

I was already elected one President in 1998 and 2006; But they did not give me power, therefore, I clearly perceive as an intelligent man, that they are going to make 98 repeat, 2006 repeat and not respect the popular will. I perceive that the country, although it needs a lot of my help, cannot get ahead as long as all the Ecuadorian people do not bury the corrupt, do not bury the drug traffickers, and do not bury the electoral system that does so much damage to the country. For this reason, although I have had massive support and I feel very grateful, a request from an entire people to govern it, I will wait, I will wait for the moment when the Ecuadorian people will decide the elections, that the Ecuadorian people decide to change the corrupt structures, that the Ecuadorian people decide to end drug trafficking.

In addition we have to work together for education. I will continue and they will not see me an inch of change, serving Ecuador and the citizens of the world in their poverty problems, in their education problems, in their health problems and in everything that can help because I love them. I love you Ecuadorians, I love the citizens of the world, I love God because He always blesses me and guides me and I wish you the best.

Glory to God! Long live the world, long live Ecuador!