Álvaro Noboa Starts The End Of His Campaign In Imbaura

During his tour of the province of Inbabura, PRIAN Presidential candidate,  Álvaro Noboa, showed his satisfaction REGARDING the reinforcement he received from the residents of different points that he had visited that day.

Noboa declared that, according to the last polls, he was at only four points difference from the incumbent candidate, and were he to continue in that way, it was possible that the events occurring in 2006 could repeat themselves.

The PRIANist candidate pointed out that this was thanks to his “Álvaro Noboa Plan” with which he hoped to extract Ecuadorians from poverty.

In statements to the press, Noboa said:

“Ecuadorians, here I am in Otavalo, in the Imbabura province. I am going to make a tour of the province, I am going to go to Yaguarcocha, to Ibarra, and to different points of the province. This province has always been marvelous to me in regards to expressions of support. I would like to say to you that the events of 2006, in which he (Correa) stated that he was going to win in only one round, whereas he ended up second to me in 2006, are repeating themselves.

I would also like to tell you that it is thanks to my proposal for a voucher of $100, thanks to my proposal for jobs via an economic reactivation, thanks to my proposal that one should be able to study free at university where everyone is able to choose their own degree, where there aren’t restricted spaces, and where there are no entrance exams. Thanks to all of my Plan Noboa proposals, we have reached a got to a week of elections on this historic level.  Thank you, Ecuadorians, and we are on the way to first place.”

Noboa concluded the press conference indicating that the rural sector had been neglected by the current regime, and that under his government, farmers would be a priority. He would lower taxes on supplies, and in that way, farmers would experience greater profitability given that in the last six years they had been injured by the current government.

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