Discurso del Abogado Alvaro Noboa Recibiendo Obra de Arte de Panamá

Ambassador Roberto Ruiz Diaz, ambassadors and Consuls present here, ladies and gentlemen:

Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum opened its doors in 2006 as way to support the art and culture of our country.

Among the events performed in it, there is the International Bienal Alvaro Noboa. It is here at the II Bienal were the figure of renown artist Aristides Ureña Ramos from Panama, teacher at the Florence Academy of Art in San Marcos and winner of several awards in Italy. Ureña not only participated in the Bienal with two of his masterpieces; he also incites and coordinates with the museum the exhibition of other Italian artists: Alberto Gallingani and Amadeo Lanci.

Aristides Ureña is part of the bienal history after his painting was chosen by the international jury to be exposed.

Today he increases his involvement the way a great person does it, by donating this amazing oil on canvas that tells a story of commerce, industry and handicrafts from our country in relationship with Panama.

I thank people of Panama and the artist through Ambassador, Roberto Ruiz Diaz, for donating this painting. I also want to take advantage of this opportunity to make a special greeting to the President of Panama, Mr. Ricardo Martinelli.

Thank you very much,