Hoy Recorrido de Álvaro Noboa en Santa Rosa, Pasaje y Machala

Álvaro Noboa recorre todo el Ecuador

Álvaro Noboa empieza su campaña recorriendo hoy la provincia del Oro. Visitará primero Santa Rosa luego irá al cantón Pasaje para finalizar en Machala y continuar el día de mañana en el mismo cantón.


Ecuadorians, after conducting a tour of Guayaquil, I have come to the El Oro Province where I will stay today, this first day of the electoral campaign, and tomorrow.

I have good news for you in that, according to the latest opinion polls, Rafael Correa is at 32%, Álvaro Noboa is at 26%, Guillermo Lasso is at 9%, and Lucio Gutiérrez is at 7%. Therefore, I am happy and optimistic that this campaign is going to be very similar to that of 2006, in which I ended up winning the first electoral round and, in a change from 2006, I am going to win the second electoral round as well, and will be the next President of Ecuador in order to bring the poor out of poverty.

This is a province that shares many, many years of fraternal tradition with Álvaro Noboa. From this province, we have drawn Assembly Members. In this province, I won in 1998, and therefore, I am thinking to win now, in 2013, in a banana-producing province. I am a banana producer. Therefore, I will do everything necessary to protect the banana producers, the shrimp producers, and all of the agricultural, commercial, industrial and tourist zones of the province of El Oro.