Speech Alvaro Noboa

In communion with God,

What did Economist Correa offer in the 2006 campaigns, whose first round elections were won by me. That election was the last free election that took place in this country and the rest of the elections have been as Cuba’s elections.

The same Rafael Correa came with these words: “Cuba is the largest democracy of America,” that´s what he calls democracy.

He offered the socialism of the 21st century and he has advocated so everything here could be like Cuba, he calls them middle class, in Cuba people earn $ 20 a month. And raise the poor out of their poverty, and make the entire Ecuador improve its development, that was my offer on the contrary.

Economist Correa does not lie, he is genuine in his aspiration, he was a very poor man, he became bitter with that and he wants everyone to be as he was in his childhood. He is genuine and he is fulfilling his promise, he wants all Ecuadorians to be like he was in his childhood. Although he causes this mirage of raising the salaries, we all know that life costs three, four, and five times more than it cost in 2006 and what people earn is not enough.

Who are the main accomplices of evil ?, who were the main accomplices in the second round in 2006 ?. Those he calls oligarchs, of their own mouths he came out. Chavez also commanded, as well as he sent Kischner with money, he sent Correa bags with money through private jets. Who else? the FARC, there are videos that have been presented on television, everywhere, on how Chavez sent money to Correa. Who else were accomplices? The press that fully devoted, who else were accomplices? The left parties. And among all those accomplices whom he turned his back is a large part of oligarchy, although there is a group of the richest Ecuadorians enjoying benefits with him.

Who else he have his back ?, the Ecuadorian press, he annihilated it. Who else he gave his back ?, to the left parties, he annihilated them.

Because in this country there is no longer democracy. There is the democracy that exist in Cuba: the one that runs against Fidel Castro, ends ends in prison or dead, he remained in power for 50 years, electorally speaking, because I repeat whoever dares to compete electorally against Fidel Castro, either for the assembly, or for president ends in prison or dead. There’s a single candidate for president who is Fidel Castro and the assembly submits a single list and that is the winning list, the Communist Party of Fidel Castro. The same thing happens here in Ecuador, I have already experienced that.

Who are those who commit the crime against the people of Ecuador? Let’s name them by full name. Alexis Mera, Vinicio Alvarado, Ricardo Patino, Carlos Marxs and now who really manages the SRI, now that Carlos Marxs is in the ministry of labor, Juan Miguel Aviles, you must always remember those names, and I want you to write them down, because these people must account for all the damage they have done to the people of Ecuador.

Where is economist Rafael Correa leading us? he is leading us towards Cuba. In other words, he wants that finally one half of the population lives in Miami, Spain, Italy, and the other half queue up, because I’m not going to go live somewhere else, so we make a line in supermarkets to receive a meal voucher. Or we end up in jail for talking too much, as I do, I always talk too much, but It´s not like I talk too much, the fact is that I speak the truth, because I have no fear.

In these two countries there was a strong middle class, today half of the country is living outside, and the other half lives in poverty. Today I repeat, there are millions of Venezuelans living in Maimi and millions queuing for food, even though Venezuela is the country with the largest oil reserves in the world, besides going falling economically, Ecuadorand the Ecuadorians, we have lost all freedoms, there are no impartial courts, because the government puts its hand in the court, there are no impartial electoral courts, because as in Cuba, the election is decided by the presidential palace.

Election campaigns are regulated in the way that only the head of state can win, the same happens at the level of the assembly, and any opposition candidate is punished or imprisonment or levied with invented taxes by the SRI (IRS for its Spanish acronym), capable of breaking the opponent, as it has always tried to do it in my case when I ran for president. In other words, being a candidate against Correa is like being a candidate against Fidel Castro in Cuba: do not waste your time.

The armed forces and police, they have also been abused, and their regulations have been abused. Therefore I ask them to not shoot the people even if they have received the order. The productive class, the chambers of commerce are freezing with fear as most of the nation is.

In my case, fear disapeared at age 22, when the military board tortured me and took me to the firing wall three times. The fear disappeared because I have been and I will continue being blessed by God. Ecuadorians I henceforth ask you not to let your children see you with fear, because fear is learned! Never let your children to see you with fear, because fear is learned! Never let your children see you with fear, because fear is learned!

Choose the path of work, choose the path of study, choose the path of development, of democracy and freedom. And long live to Ecuador and long live to those who don´t feel fear! Long live to Ecuador and long live to those who don´t feel fear! Long live to Ecuador and long live to those who don´t feel fear! Long live to Ecuador and long live to those who don´t feel fear!