Social Work

Alvaro Noboa helps Ecuador through the Social Work done by the Crusade for a New Humanity Foundation

Alvaro Noboa and his social work towards the ecuadorian people

The Crusade for a New Humanity Foundation is inspired by profound Christian principles of love and solidarity. The businessman and philanthropist Alvaro Noboa, aware of his social responsibility with the poorest in the country, established the Crusade for a New Humanity Foundation to undertake his social work in areas such as education, health, employment and sports, in sectors forgotten by the society.
Personally directing the Foundation with the unconditional support of his wife, Dr. Anabella Azin, and a great work team, Alvaro Noboa permanently allocates financial resources that come from his personal fortune and his companies for social development programs conducted by the Foundation.
The financial assistance started first as “Fundation Joint Action of the People” in 1976, with the creation of a medical dispensary in the suburbs of Guayaquil.
Later, in 1981, the “New Humanity Crusade of Love, Union and Overcoming” was founded.

To date linking groups that work in communities for the needy, have been created. Up to the present, about 13,000 people have been supported. The figures of the foundation can be distributed as follows:

  • 30% Assistance for medicines
  • 30% Assistance for people with cancer (Chemo-Therapy and Radio-Therapy)
  • 10% Assistance for rehabilitation and prosthesis
  • 15% Assistance for surgical procedures (various)
  • 10% Assistance for people with disabilities (for the creation of microenterprises)
  • 5%   Assistance for people with HIV (AIDS)

Alvaro Noboa: “Our efforts are helping Ecuador”.

The medical brigades tour the country providing medical care and free medicine to poor mothers, children, youth, adults and seniors of the country without access to health.
Philanthropist Alvaro Noboa submitted to the nation a report of the work of his Foundation, conducted by his team under his direction.

In 2005, as reported by Dr. Anabella Azin, the New Humanity Crusade Foundation made over 270 visits to almost all the provinces of the country, providing primary and preventive care and providing free medicine to more than 135,000 patients. Mass deworming campaigns were performed in schools of the coast, the mountains and the Amazon region.

We found, according to Dr. Azin, infectious diseases, malaria, skin diseases, hypertension, diabetes and high rate of anemia and parasitosis.

n the coastal provinces such as Esmeraldas, malaria, scabies, lice and respiratory diseases were recorded, which also obtained high figures in the province of Manabi. In addition, several cases of rickets, malaria, dengue, typhoid and respiratory diseases in the province of Los Rios. In the province of El Oro outbreaks of tuberculosis, skin diseases and respiratory diseases were recorded.

In Ecuador there are different pathologies, Dr. Azin reported, for example there is a high incidence of diabetes, lice, scabies and malnutrition, a common factor in the country, often caused by parasites or lice.

Something we observed, she said, and that is very curious, is having found many cases of dwarfism in the town of Green River, an area that lies on the border of Guayas and Manabi. Whereby the Doctor asked the Ministry of Health to investigate the causes.