Foundation Activities


 The monitoring work done by Abogado Álvaro Noboa is realized daily, throughout all Ecuador, in order to check the work of medical teams, and deliver personally to students in public schools computers with Internet service; wheelchairs and prosthetic devices to the disabled; to give football balls to children and youth of the marginal sectors, and telling them this message: “Yes to sports, not drugs,” a phrase which is printed on the sporting equipment.

An everyday activity is to go around several slums in the cities of Guayaquil, Quito, Babahoyo, Portoviejo, Rocafuerte, Tosagua, Pedernales and Cuenca.

Álvaro Noboa has delivered computers with free Internet service to the country’s poor students, giving them the opportunity to connect with the centers of educational and cultural information worldwide. In this way, students expand their knowledge, and teachers also train themselves, this important tool, helps to the improvement of the quality of education in the country.

There are several schools that have received computers personally from Álvaro Noboa with printers and free Internet service:

Carmen Calixto de Borja, Mercedes Ycaza de Roldós, Cacique Tomalá, Alfredo Portaluppi, Gastón Calderón Sotomayor, República de Líbano, Quito, Euclides Arturo Mazon, Luis Poveda Orellana, Augusto Pazmiño, Francisco Cevallos, Nueva Aurora, Bloque 21 Flor de Bastión, Bolívar Cali Bajaña, Carmen Pita Solís, Escuela España, Angel Pedro Giler.

In summary, until today, the “Crusade for a New Humanity Foundation” has delivered 200 computers to public schools in several cantons of the country.

Walking in the neighborhoods and visiting from house to house, Álvaro Noboa delivered wheelchairs to poor disabled people, who are condemned to spend their lives in bed, unable to move anywhere, for lack of funds to purchase wheelchairs. Approximately 400 wheelchairs were donated and orthopedic prostheses.

And finally to support the sport, about 30 neighborhood teams composed of young teenagers have received from Álvaro Noboa soccer balls with the message “Yes to sports, not drugs.”

Only by feeling the reality of the country: Pain, disease, lack of employment, food, and access to education, health, housing, can raise awareness of social responsibility that also entrepreneurs have to helping fight poverty.

This is the message that Álvaro Noboa transmit with his thoughts and actions of everyday, whose mission is to serve and work for the poorest in the country for promote the change in Ecuador.