28/5000 Stay strong Ecuadorian!

It is my obligation as a leader of the poor in Ecuador, to keep them informed to prevent them from stealing more than they have already stolen from them.

The usual politicians, among them, those of 21, those of 6 and others, realize that Álvaro Noboa has reached 52% in the polls, that is, he would win in the first round, Mr. Arauz 16% , Mr. Lasso 14%, Mr. Yaku Pérez 10% and another 8% and they come up with the great idea of ​​preventing through the courts that Álvaro Noboa runs for President and that way they have some option but what they don’t they realized that the poor people of Ecuador have matured, they have been learning, they have been scammed for 25 years and they do not want to continue being scammed and when they do polls and remove Álvaro Noboa, those who remain in the survey without voting for one or voting others are votes that do not go to 21 and that do not go to 6, but are votes that remain in the cloud.

Mr. Arauz and Mr. Yaku realize this and they have kept quiet about seeing the huge mistake that 6 and 21 have made, that is why Ecuadorians have to loudly tell all of Ecuador what is happening, you poor people, what do you have? A cane house, a television and they have the most valuable things that they can use every 4 years, the right to vote and now they want to steal that too, by removing Álvaro Noboa, who is their preference, they take away the right to vote to watch if in this way they force the poor to vote for 6, to vote for 21 or for another candidate, which is not going to happen.

That is why Ecuadorian, stand firm, the Alvarists stay Alvarists, I will stay in the fight but let’s not let ourselves be robbed anymore. Glory to Ecuadorian God, I will keep you informed.

Long live Ecuador !!