Boletin de prensa


This afternoon the Prian leader Alvaro Noboa, lashed out against Rafael Correa and pointed out he does not recognize him as the president of Ecuadorians. Noboa added that this would not be the only occasion in which Correa would have apparently failed to the Constitution, adding that this would facilitate his resignation to power.

“The political leadership of economist Rafael Correa is unconstitutional from its inception, that´s why I’ve never called him president. I always refer to him as economist Rafael Correa. He did not swear to defend the Constitution, he also also did it with the left hand, and by failing to comply with that formality, he did not comply with the Constitution, therefore, he is not a constitutional president since the beginning,” said the Ecuadorian businessman.

Likewise he showed to the media an audio in which Rafael Correa can be heard in an interview with Democracia Radio, when he was part of the “forajidos” (utlaws), accusing Lucio Gutierrez of having the control of power, while he incited the people to take the respective measures when the Constitution is violated.

Correa: “First I want to thank the journalists, it is incredible what we are experiencing, but let’s not mince words, the situation does not admit patches or corrections. We have to fight this battle to restore democracy and punish those who broke it. If society does not move before what is going on, we deserve everything that is happening and everything that will happen to us, because they are sowing the wind to harvest the whirlwind. We now have a de facto, dictatorial government, which controls the Constitutional Court, probably the National Congress, where that elementary division of powers that Montesquieu rationalized so that the government of a state is healthy remains, therefore, I think we are letting them sowing winds to later harvest the whirlwind. I see with great concern what is happening, I think that society must mobilize to reject this.”

The Prian political leader, reviewed Sections 158 and 159 of the Constitution on the issue concerning the obligations of the Armed Forces and the National Police, noting that these are institutions for the protection of the rights, freedoms and guarantees of the citizens, but not at the service of the Head of State in office.

“If a head of state is breaking the Constitution, they have obligations with the Constitution and not with the Head of State. That is the duty of the Armed Forces and the National Police, that’s very important because I am a big fan of the Armed Forces, a great admirer of the National Police, I am with them, I’ll be next to them, always for them and for the Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador … So I wanted to ask economist Correa repeatedly that since he has broken the Constitution from the beginning, when he came to power in 2007, to resign because he has just taken power, he is not the president.”

Noboa reiterated that Correa should resign on principle. “I think he (Correa) is an intelligent man, he is a serious man, he is a man who, as he says in this video, that when a Head of State concentrates power in his hands he must leave and that the people should rise against that man, he has nothing to do but raise awareness of his own principles, if he becomes aware of his own principles he should not wait to be expelled, he must simply resign as a gentleman and as a democratic man and the Armed Forces and the National Police must enforce the Constitution.”

Noboa also discarded that his position is supported by the business sector. “I Do not expect anything from business sectors, they have never taken advantage of this. I expect more from the poor and the Armed Forces than from the business sectors. Business sectors have never had political participation.”

The Guayaquil businessman stressed that the current situation of the marches that are experienced at national level, these have been made “in 24 hours and spontaneously without spending a penny,” noting that the national strike on August 14 was “the largest march that has been. A total success and we summoned four political parties in 15 minutes,” he concluded.