Alvaro Noboa working with young

“Ecuadorian young woman! Ecuadorian young man! I’ll provide you free primary, secondary and university education, that´s why all the Ecuadorians pay taxes , so that our children can study for free.

I will respect the profession every young person chooses, whoever wants to study an industrial career, that person will study an industrial career, whoever wants to become an artist, that person will be an artist, whoever wants to be a teacher, that person will be a teacher and thereby, there are hundreds of careers that you can freely can choose because is your right. That’s right! you young Ecuadorian woman and Ecuadorian young man, ye shall be the best of your class, ye shall be the new Ecuador; therefore it is your duty to shine in the world, to make history, without fear and without doubting any moment.

Studying, studying and studying; working, working and working because after finishing your studies you will have a job waiting for each and every one of you, labor will be required in Ecuador for all the jobs I will generate, it is Ecuadorian young man! to shine in the sky, it is up to you Ecuadorian to make your name go down in, let’s do it together.”

Move Forward Ecuador Move Forward!

Glory be to God!

Long live Ecuador!