Alvaro Noboa new party affiliations came to 1’419.616


Lawyer Alvaro Noboa, leader of the National Party “Adelante Ecuatoriano Adelante”, announced last Friday August 26 that his organization has already reached 1’419.616 affiliations.

He said that they will continue collecting signatures, and that in the coming days they will deliver more affiliations to the National Electoral Council.

“Ecuadorians there is a fever that is running in the vein of all Ecuadorians, a fever of change, a fever of hope, whose symptoms are reflected in the number of affiliations that keep increasing in the list 7 “ADELANTE ECUATORIANO ADELANTE”

In two weeks or three (weeks) they have already collected 250,000 additional signatures, and this new sign shows them that we are now with a cumulative of 1’419.616 signatures that have been and will be delivered to the National Electoral Council. “

Noboa thanked the national support received by Ecuadorians, noting that he would not rest until he reaches a consensus with the other candidates, so that democracy returns to Ecuador.

At the end he said that he will not stop fighting until he gets a change for Ecuadorians, where there is work, good health, quality education in Ecuador.