A. Noboa announces that he will vote against the referendum

Published by CRE EC

Former presidential candidate, Alvaro Noboa, stated this Monday, that he will vote against the referendum and he has invited his supporters to do the same.

From his residence in Samborondón, Noboa appeared again to state his position in regards to the government’s proposal.

“There should be a separation of powers. I believe that that is one of the most important foundations of democracy and, with this campaign, the only thing that they are trying to do is to confuse the people; what they are interested in is taking the Court,” he stated.

The businessman affirmed that he will campaign for the “No” despite the little resources that the National Electoral Council has allowed him to invest.

“It shouldn’t be that the Chief of State is allowed to campaign for hours and hours while we are given a space that is done in one day,” he criticized.

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