Alvaro Noboa Announces that will Vote Against the Referendum


In the referendum that is to take place this weekend, my vote is “No”, because I, like all Ecuadorians, am sick of the arrogance. Furthermore, I think that this election is not a democratic election because we have an Electoral Tribunal that clearly adheres to the Regime, that has declared the Chief of State to be its political subject, and which is campaigning openly. I also think that this vote is not democratic because there is great control over the Ecuadorian press,
and that is very bad, because the press always has to be independent. I vote “No” in the rejection of evil. Thank you very much.

What aspect is very important to you, for example, in this referendum?
I always vote the full ticket, that has been my way, and the way of the people who vote for me have always voted the full ticket, I have always asked for the vote across the board, because, sometimes, they put good questions and bad questions, in order to confuse things, and in that way achieve a general sympathy. I believe that this is the moment to not vote the ticket so that there be a clear sense of rejection, and that all Ecuadorians are sick of the arrogance, sick of the crime, sick of the poverty, and that they demonstrate in that way their disgust.

The issue of social security, in the sense of the people being uninsured, what do you think?
I think that every worker should be insured, and that is what I have done. I am the largest employer in Ecuador, and that’s the way I have done it. All my employees are insured. I believe in social security. I am strong defender of worker’s rights.

Counselor Alvaro Noboa, what do you think regarding the development of the National Electoral?
The National Electoral Council finds itself stating that it’s not toothless. That is the question that all Ecuadorians are asking, because when I ask, they say that they are going to vote “no”, that is to say, that the “No” will win. Now, what will happen? We, us Ecuadorians, we will see on Monday, and, like good Ecuadorians, we will show our criteria, and what our position is, whether the election has been fraudulent.

What is your criteria and your position, if it is that electoral fraud has occurred?
All Ecuadorians should carry out electoral control, because, I repeat, of the fears, the people say that they are going to vote “No.” All the parties should carry out electoral control, all, including the PRIAN.

What is the campaign that the PRIAN is conducting in regards to the referendum?
Well, they have given us a (small) authorization to carry out advertising. While the President can speak for a month, we only get a day. There being a lack of democracy in this election, the state is able to campaign for hours and hours every day, while the other parties are given a one day’s space.

What is your opinion regarding the organization of the Courts?
I believe that there should be independent Powers. That is one of the most important foundations of democracy – Executive Power, Legislative Power, and Judicial Power – and in this campaign, the only thing that they have wanted to do is to confuse people with cockfights, with casinos, with social security. What they are interested in, is in taking the Court, and in that way, democracy stands for nothing, and there are already many doubts as to whether we are in a democracy.