Alvaro noboa ask the Attorney General to take action

Ecuadorians, it has been several days since reports came out in the press and in social networks on the suspicion that La Clementina hacienda was arbitrarily and illegally snatched from the Noboa Group, due to a political persecution during the government of economist Rafael Correa.
I, therefore, ask the Attorney General to take action on the matter.
And I ask you once again to call on economist Rafael Correa, Mr. Gustavo Jalkl, IRS executives at that time: Carlos Marx Carrasco, Leonardo Orlando Arteaga, and Juan Miguel Avilés, who were part of the team that took part in La Clementina case.
They work and worked as IRS officials, an agency that was used, in the opinion of many, as a tool of political persecution. Just imagine, using the IRS as a tool for political persecution.
I also want to tell IRS authorities or any authority that wants to shut me up, inventing new cases or illegally linking me to another one, so that I refrain from protesting. They will not achieve it.
I am an Ecuadorian patriot, who has dedicated my life to working for my family and Ecuador.
Therefore, I want to tell you that I am willing to continue to do so, even if they want to intimidate me.
I also want to tell you that Mr. José Sánchez, my bodyguard, and friend, who was shot, is already in a much better condition and will soon return to work.
Ecuadorians, I also want to tell you that the country has inherited a great crisis caused by the previous government. President Lenin Moreno has inherited this crisis and everyone, including myself, must support him right now.
Therefore, I accept the invitation he made to all those from different parties or from various ideologies who want to work for a better Ecuador.
I accept this invitation, and I am ready to do so voluntarily and freely, because I am a patriot and because I have lived for this all my life.
With this, I want to tell you that it is time for all of us to unite our forces to save our Ecuador. We must save it from poverty,  save it from disease, save it from unemployment, save it from crime, save it from the economic depression in which it is sunk.
Let us work together Ecuadorians, without selfishness, with Ecuador in our hearts.
Glory to God!
Long live Ecuador!