Álvaro Noboa confirms that he left the country legally

In a press conference from Miami  in the United States via Skype, businessman and former presidential candidate, Álvaro Noboa, stated that he left the country legally, without revealing the date, and sustained  by a decision by the judge for the Family, Women, Children and Adolescents, Yvonne Hernández, which gave rise to the action of habeas corpus presented by his lawyers and supported  by the Ecuadorian Migration Police that, taking the sentence, removed the prohibition to leave the country, which continues in force, he indicated, at the same time that he exhibited the documents notarized in Guayaquil.

“I do this in light of so many rumors in the press about my departure from the country, and about the legal case between Bananera Noboa and the Internal Revenue Service (SRI),” he indicated.

He repeated that no one is above the law, and that Judge Hernández’s decision could not be revoked by any Minister, Director or public functionary.

He stated that he is travelling for business to different countries throughout the world, given that due to his participation in the Presidential campaign, he had issues pending, and that he did not have a date for his return to Ecuador, for now, until he had caught up on his business dealings.

Regard the “supposed audit” of Bananera Noboa, he repeated that an unfair demand is being made against the company given that the exporter Dole, which exported more bananas was being charged $700,000 for the same period that Bananera Noboa was being charged $99 million dollars.

Bananera Noboa will pay when a judge orders it to, and for that it will follow all the national and international legal procedures, not because some public functionaries chooses so,” he affirmed.

Álvaro Noboa requested judicial guarantees and indicated that if he continued to be persecuted, like the judges who were aware of his judicial proceedings, or that made pronouncements in his cases,  that no one would come to the country to do business or to invest.

“ Ecuador, I love you, and I will fight in the interest of Ecuadorians, and as the biggest employer in the country, I will see to it that no one loses their job,” he stated. “For that reason, I have been a candidate for President five times. Because of my clean sheet.  Until my death, I will continue fighting for better days and to end poverty in Ecuador,” he said.



With God, Ecuadorians. Given the comments which have been arisen in the press, I decided to show the Country all the acts related to my departure from the country and to the case followed by the SRI against me, and from our part against them.

I show you the supporting documentation with which I left the country, notarized copy of the judgement that granted me the habeas corpus, constitutional protection that lifts the prohibition to leave the country. I also show you, the stamp from the inmigration police. As this is a public document, Attorney Sylka Sanchez can distribute it to the press, and through them, to all Ecuadorians.

Nobody, not me, nor any authority is above the law, and a judgement has to be obeyed by all the authorities, and that is why, the inmigration police approved the document and stamped it.

No Minister, public official, law enforcement officer, can contradict a judgement, and today, Monday, that judgement is still in force. At the moment, with this supporting documentation, I left the country, I will be traveling to different world destinations, incluiding the United States, to what I am entitled because I am on business, I am visiting clients, like I have done my entire life, businessmen from all over the world, but this time, also visiting International lawyers, to make clear that when the time comes we will have a judgement in Ecuadorian Courts, as I have asked the SRI, and International Courts, since the SRI has prevented us from litigating in Ecuador.

When are we going to pay? When a judge orders us to pay, not a public official, because the highest authority is the judge and is our right to go before a judge when we have a tax disagreement, all Ecuadorians have the same right, that is why the Tax Courts exist. I will continue to pay my taxes, as I do every year, the companies you are working for will continue to be the major contributors in the country. I am a man who only fears God and an observant of the law, but Bananera Noboa was right when taking this case to the National Court and afterwards to an International Court, while Dole company, an american Corporation working in Ecuador, bigger than Bananera Noboa, is charged with seven hundred thousand dollars and Bananera Noboa is charged with some ninety nine million dollars. While these inequialities continue to exist we will continue to go before the Courts, it is our right, and I ask Ecuador for legal certainty, which is also required by businessmen and all ecuadorians, because there are a lot of people in Ecuador who disagree with the amounts charged by the SRI that also go before the Tax Courts, there are farmers, traders, industrial people, why they have made my case public, – because I am Alvaro Noboa -, I have not seen the other hundred of cases be made public, neither that the Director of the SRI is involved in those other cases, or the Ministers, the Inmigration authorities, everybody, – is because I am Alvaro Noboa -, but Alvaro Noboa is like anybody else and our country belongs to all of us, and with this supporting documentation I will return to Ecuador and will leave again when I want. If Ecuador wants its people to work in peace, and the foreign investors to come work here in peace, we must have legal certainty, because our country belongs to all of us and nobody is above the law.

Ecuador, I love you and I will always look after the interests of all ecuadorians, and as the largest employer of the country, I feel responsible of the Jobs I provide, for nobody to lose them and to be protected by the law.

Ecuador, I love you, and that is why I have been a candidate for the presidency five times, for my clean record, I won the elections of 98 and the first round of 2006; for my clean record I had reciprocity and respect from the Ecuadorian citizens. I will continue to work for a better country, till the day a die. In Ecuador and abroad I will work for my country until poverty is no longer  a part of us. Thank You very much.