Alvaro Noboa Criticizes State Powers and Supports Banana Industry in Emergency

August 17th, 2011 | Ecuador Inmediato

Noboa does not rule out launching his next presidential bid

PRIAN leader and businessman, Alvaro Noboa, has shown himself to be in agreement with a state of emergency being declared for the banana sector due to the reduction in exports. He also referred to the freedom of speech and state powers.

“I believe in democracy, the separation of powers to prevent a president to linger in power.” With these words, Noboa referred to what he calls the loss of independence of state powers, which in his opinion are being controlled by the Executive.

Furthermore, he noted that with this situation, Ecuadorians are losing their freedoms. “It is obvious that the Presidency belongs to Alianza PAIS (the ruling party), that Congress has an Alianza PAIS majority, and that there is a lot of fear in the courts because of what takes place day after day. I think that is the perception of the majority of Ecuadorians,” he claimed.

Vicente Taiano, Assembly Member for the Party for National Institutional Renewal (PRIAN) added, “There is no separation of state powers. Ecuador is an apparent democracy, but what we really have is totalitarianism. All the government branches are controlled by the Executive, which in turn, direct all the control agencies,” he told Telerama.

For his part, Noboa did not rule out that this public reappearance could be related to the launch of his next (fifth) presidential bid. “That I never know; the people have supported me in a thousand ways,” he asserted.

These statements were made during a conference he held with the press last night in Guayaquil, where he also referred to the crisis afflicting the country’s banana exporters due to a decrease in sales. Noboa agreed to declare a state of emergency in the industry.