Alvaro Noboa Delivers Donations and Encourages Microenterprises

Alvaro Noboa delivers mattresses to Rehabilitation Center “Aprendiendo a Vivir” (Learning to Live)

Instead of campaigning by throwing away money on paper and advertising in posters and stickers, etc, that no one ever reads, I have resolved, as candidate for President of the Republic, together with my wife as candidate for Vice-President of the Republic, to carry out social work.

Today, we are bring donations to the Psychotherapeutic Center “Learning to Live”, which is a rehabilitation center for people with addictions, whether they be alcohol, or drugs, or whatever. We have donated what they asked for:  beds and pillows, as they don’t have the comforts needed that a human being should have, even more so in a rehabilitation center.

Therefore, I give thanks to God for having given us the opportunity to serve all of our fellow beings who are going through a hard time. I am convinced that you are going to move beyond this, and therefore I congratulate you.

Member of the Center:  Representing my companions here in the “Learning to Live” Center, we thank you because you are the only person who has remembers, because we have come here from the street, having suffered, having been beaten and you have been the first of all the politicians who has remembered us. We give you thanks from our hearts, on the part of the “Learning to Live” group.

Member of the Center:  I don’t know how to thank God for having touched the hand of Alvarito, who really gives to those who most need it, given that we are addicts, the most forgotten ones. Because we have an addiction, they reject us, they forget us, but we are going to show them that we can and with the help of God and with people like Alvarito, we are going to move forward. Long live List 7!  Thank you, Alvarito, for what you have given us.

Member of the Center:  May the help that Counselor Álvaro Noboa is giving to us who need it in the “Living to Learn” Rehabilitation Center be repaid by God, and may he go ahead in his campaign!

Alvaro Noboa talking about the education system in Ecuador



I am completely against the current system. During my Presidency, there will not be entrance exams and, besides which, university will be free.

I repeat, there will not be entrance exams, and universities will be free.

Alvaro Noboa delivers countless products to supply the store, “Jehová es mi Pastor”


Ecuadorians, here we are in District 1 of the southern zone of Guasmo, in the neighborhood shop of Graciela Paredes, together with the PRIAN candidates.  With Mr. Carlos José Matamoros, who everybody knows, with Ecuador, Montenegro and all the other candidates, we have resolved that instead of spending on paper for posters that they hang on the posts, and which is a waste of money, we have resolved, for this campaign, to do social work and developing work. So therefore, we are helping this neighborhood shop owned by Mrs. Graciela Paredes, who is present here, by giving her all the articles she needs to be able to establish this store.

I give thanks to God, and let’s move forward with this campaign which is going to focus on helping in educational areas, in healthcare areas, and in the area of micro-enterprises and in everything in which we can give towards social work. Thank you very much. Long live Ecuador!

Graciela Paredes:  This community is very grateful because he isn’t just here now for this show, to be bought. No! He has been in this place for 25 years already. I work with the New Humanity Crusade Foundation that is directed by our doctor, Cynthia, and we feel very grateful because it isn’t just now that he’s arrived. He arrived 25 years ago, and I tell you, Counselor Álvaro has placed seeds in good soil and he keeps persevering, and because he perseveres, he will arrive. I wish him all the success in his career. Thank you.

Álvaro Noboa:  And 25 years ago, Annabella and I got married. So it’s a sweet moment to remember by doing social work. Thank you for your words, and thank God for everything.

Annabella Azín:  Our wish is to help the small Ecuadorian micro-enterprises get ahead. Instead of using so much paper, in papering posts and in papering the city and generating trash, that money is going to the best hands, to the business people, to the people who need healthcare, to the people who need education.

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