Alvaro Noboa demands former President Rafael Correa appear before the court and clarify his ‘intervention’ in the judicial system



Ecuadorean businessman Alvaro Noboa demanded the appearance of former President Rafael Correa before the Prosecutor’s Office and explain his ‘intervention’ in the justice system of the country during his government, especially in La Clementina case, which meant the embargo and auction of several assets of the Ecuadorian businessman.


“As a citizen of this great country and as a national leader, I demand economist Rafael Correa come before the prosecutor to clarify the series of accusations that are heard today in the press, regarding the pressure he put on the IRS and the courts, to politically persecute me and many more,” Noboa said.


According to a video disseminated on social networks by Patricia Poleo, in the Factores de Poder program, the Venezuelan journalist shows the exchange of emails among Correa and several officials of his cabinet, to place judges related to his regime and direct from the presidency his personal court decisions. On this subject, Noboa announced that along with his team of lawyers he would start an arduous investigation to punish those found guilty of interfering with the judicial system.


“I am going to set up a surveillance team made up of lawyers and experts so that all those who were persecuted during the last ten years by Rafael Correa are given their due,” Noboa said.


He added: “If any official or judge blackmails Ecuadorians and persecute us politically through the IRS, through the Court or any formula, claiming that the order comes from above, I will publicly denounce this because I know that order would never come from President Lenin Moreno, who holds an unblemished record.”


The Guayaquil businessman also emphasized the possible plan that some government officials would be executing to remove the current head of state from office, and asked Ecuadorians to “stay alert” and “be ready to defend democracy.”

“Some corrupt citizens are afraid to end up in prison for all the crimes they committed during the government of Rafael Correa. In my view, they want to get rid of President Lenin Moreno. No matter what party they support, and regardless of their ideology, all Ecuadorians must, as I do, take to the streets to defend democracy not to fall into the hands of corrupt people. I also want to ask all Ecuadorians to stay alert because our freedom, our country, and our economy are at stake, and nobody plays with Ecuador,” he concluded.