Álvaro Noboa denounces the CNE lack of Equality

Prohibition against leaving the country impedes him from campaigning to the emigrants

The PRIAN List 7 candidate for President of the Republic,  Álvaro Noboa, via Luis Morales, PRIAN Assembly Member, presented a denunciation to the National Electoral Council (CNE) yesterday for the lack of equality in the electoral campaign as he is impeded from leaving the country. He demanded that the prohibition against being able to visit the immigrants living abroad be lifted.

The PRIAN leader was the object of a precautionary measure, following a demand for supposed tax evasion raised by Carlos Marx Carrasco, Director of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) when Noboa was abroad. Despite the measure, Noboa returned to the country in order to be a candidate for President of the Republic.

Noboa has demonstrated, with figures, that he has no debt to the Treasury, that he is the largest taxpayer in Ecuador and that the prohibition against him leaving the country on the part of the IRS is unconstitutional and illegal given that only a judge has the power to raise the measure.

The PRIAN argues that in times of campaign the Democracy Code should reign supreme, guaranteeing equality opportunities  to the candidates and thereby maintaining a democratic race.

Noboa finds himself at a disadvantage given that he is prevented from leaving the country. He is unable to campaign in places like Spain, Italy, and the United States where there is a strong presence of Ecuadorian immigrants. Álvaro Noboa asked that official letters corresponding to the Regional Director of the Internal Revenue Service, South Coast, be sent, with the aim of revoking the precautionary measure and his being able to leave the country.

Guayaquil, January 23, 2013