Alvaro Noboa gives solution to Duran’s Airway

With God.

Ecuadorians, I already have a solution to the problem of where the Duran-Guayaquil airway should land.

It is in this area, which is along the Malecón de Duran, which has about 8,000 m2 and also next there is another, which is also the Municipality with 5 thousand and a half square meters.

What does it mean?

That with this, there is plenty of space for the municipality to make the center where the Duran-Guayaquil, Guayaquil-Durán airway ends.

This is great news, because the municipality does not have to disburse a real, and the municipality does not have money today.

Therefore, I have given the solution to the problem.

And I am writing to you Mrs. Mayoress of Durán with this solution.

I want to highlight the importance of this terrain, which is that it is right in the Malecon de Durán, I just toured it and you saw it while I was traveling, in a very central area, where the airway user can get in and out with a lot ease, with paved streets, sidewalks, curbs, everything.

Second, that by expropriating VIMARE’s land, instead, it would have to pay millions of dollars and the Municipality of Duran does not have them. And I would have to create an infrastructure like this one that is already created and that field is very far away for the pedestrian who wants to go home with great ease.

Good Ecuadorian, I’m glad to have found this solution, instead of expropriating the lands of VIMARE, for which they would have to pay millions and millions of dollars.


Thank you Duran for having been able to serve.

I love you Duran!

I love Ecuador!

Glory to God!

Long live Ecuador!