Álvaro Noboa: Giving toys in Martha Róldos and the San Eduardo Cooperative

In the middle of the noise, in the midst of firecrackers, whistles and shouts, candidate for President of the Republic, Álvaro Noboa Pontón, carried out the donation of gifts to children of the community located in the Martha de Roldos area north of the city. Noboa arrived accompanied by National Assembly candidates Wilson Sánchez, Cecilia Freire, Roosevelt Chica and Roberto Ponce, among others. Many people approached the automobile to greet the candidate and to commit themselves to what will be a new era when he becomes President of the Republic.

The motorized march ended up with several drivers joining the proselytizing campaign that is being undertaken by the businessman, and who the last polls put in second place after President Correa.

Together with his followers and supporters from other political organizations that back up his candidacy, like the CFP, took up the march in the main stairs leading to Mapasingue hill where the distribution of toys and calendars was held.

Children, young people and adults called out “Álvaro Presidente” amidst applause and so that there will be real change in Ecuador, they committed themselves to voting for him in the country’s next elections to take place this coming February 17, 2013.