Álvaro Noboa: “I Don’t Promise Work, I Give Work”


Álvaro Noboa is carrying out his electoral campaign by undertaking social work, assisting low income people with economic assistance as well as things they need in order to establish their own businesses.

“Works, not words,” stated Álvaro Noboa.  “Politicians spend their time talking and promising; I achieve things with deed. I don’t promise work, I give work. My campaign is an example of what my government will be like.

Mrs. Segunda Graciela Costa received an industrial oven, a freezer, a set of pots and pans, five tables, twenty chairs, dishes and cooking utensils in order to start her neighborhood restaurant “Doña Gracielita” located in the Flor de Bastión Cooperative, Block 1, MZ 572.

Mrs. Graciela, a simple Ecuadorian woman, is the mother of two children, and six grandchildren. She supports her family and thanks the assistance of Álvaro Noboa she is able to escape poverty through her business.


The people of Ecuador are tired of promises. If you see the reports of the campaigns of the other politicians, you will see that they make promises, promises and promises. I have resolved that it be works, and not words, that represent the mission of Álvaro Noboa, the plan of Álvaro Noboa, which implies giving work to the people. Therefore, today, we are supporting Graciela Castro, here in Flor de Bastión, in order for her to establish a neighborhood restaurant. With this neighborhood restaurant, she and her family will be able to have work and therefore:  I DON’T PROMISE WORK, I GIVE WORK!

We have donated this refrigerator, a stove, chairs, tables, pots and pans, kitchen utensils and everything necessary in order for Graciela to now have her restaurant and, more importantly, now she, and her family, have jobs – not promises – works.

There will be support for all the micro-enterprises. Therefore, what I am donating is an example of what I will do in my government, instead of going around papering the streets.

Graciela Castro:  May God guide you to a good path and grant you many blessings.

Journalist:  He gave you everything you need for your business?

Graciela Castro:  Yes, he gave me everything. I am very grateful, very grateful and I’m speechless. I thank him very much.

I am very happy, content for having received a gift from God; may God grant him holy blessings, and may God protect him and I’ve got no words. I thank him very much for this beautiful present that I never expected. The truth is, I’m feel overwhelmed.