Álvaro Noboa in Contacto Directo with Alfredo Pinoargote

Not Having Enough Money To Make Ends Meet Is The People’s Biggest Problem

In an interview with Alfredo Pinoargote in Contacto Directo, the Presidential candidate was categorical in declaring that state policy of Correa’s government, the lack of agreements with Europe, the United States and other countries, and the amount of taxes had impoverished Ecuadorians who do not have enough money to make ends meet.

“I am going to show you a list of taxes that mean that a refrigerator, instead of costing $200 like it costs in Colombia – where there is free trade with the United States – can end up costing $600 here. First, there is a huge tariff. Who pays it? The consumer. Second: there is a 5% tax for sending currency abroad. Who pays it? The consumer. Third: there is an advance 2% tax on income, whether money is earned or not. Who pays it? The consumer. And finally, the 12% IVA.”

The people stop me in the street and say:  “Counselor, you have to lower taxes, we can’t take it anymore.”  The basic cost of living is $500.  Not having enough money to live on is the people’s biggest problem.

Noboa clarified that under his government he would lower taxes and sign free trade agreements with all countries worldwide. Referring to the scarce private investment under Correa’s government, and the persecution of entrepreneurs, Noboa stated:

“They are taking the road towards communism, where the State, like in the case of Cuba, ends up absorbing the greatest part of investment and the productive apparatus ends up dying.”

That is the reason, stated Noboa, for the high cost of living, and that there is unemployment and crime, which are the three serious problems that Ecuador has.

“Correa’s economic model points toward there being more poor people in Ecuador every day.”