Alvaro Noboa left the country. Judge lifted restriction order against him

The judge of the Family, Women, Children and Adolescents, Yvonne Hernandez, led to the action of habeas corpus filed by Alvaro Noboa, and yesterday ordered to the provincial head of the Migration office to dismiss physically and electronically the exit ban of the country against the businessman, which was issued on September 23 by the IRS, for an alleged tax debt in 2005, which was described by Noboa as political persecution against him as such agency intends to charge for that year to Bananera Exportadora Noboa the sum of $90 million, although it has less sales than Dole, a transnational company that paid $ 700,000 in that year.

The restriction order to prevent him from leaving the country was issued by economist Miguel Murillo, an IRS collecting agent, resolution that was denounced by Noboa as unconstitutional and illegal because the Constitution only empowers judges to issue a restriction warrant.

The IRS disposition surprised Noboa who was abroad due to his frequent business travels, nevertheless he returned home and enrolled as a presidential candidate for his political party PRIAN, and participated in the election campaign, remaining in Ecuador until yesterday.

Judge Hernandez ordered the Chief of Immigration, to immediately enforce the judgment in favor of Noboa without any comments, as provided in the Article 89, paragraph three of the Constitution of the Republic, Alvaro Noboa yesterday was able to travel abroad.


Download: Order of the Judge Yvonne Hernandez to the Migration and Immigration Provincial Chief