Alvaro Noboa makes public complaint to the mayor of Duran

Ecuadorians, I want to make a public denunciation against the wing of the correísmo, that had the habit and still has it, to intervene through authorities, in the decisions of the court.
The mayor of Durán, Dr. Alexandra Arce, correísta !, asks the Council of the Judiciary, correísta !, to suspend the judge Dr. Italo Zambrano, who was ventilating a case of expropriation of some land of VIMARE in Duran , to put in the middle of all this trial and for a very short time to benefit them, Judge Dr. Vanessa Wolf.
This was already rejected by the people when voting YES. By voting that we did not want the intervention of the executive of any authority in the court, and a mayor of Durán and a Judicial Council has been lent to turn his back on the Ecuadorian people who voted YES.
But I want to tell you, we’re not going to stay with our arms crossed.
We will continue to seek justice and denounce this case, in the whole world if necessary.
The revocation of the injunction on the ground of VIMARE, made by Judge Wolf, has been appealed and is not enforceable, so that is clear to all citizens of Ecuador.
The fight and the fight continue, and in the courts we will continue fighting and denouncing everything that is wrong in the country and everything that damages justice and freedom.
Glory to God, Ecuadorians!
Long live Ecuador!