Alvaro Noboa, millionaire and ex presidential candidate

Newspaper “El Mercurio” de Chile – Saturday, May 19th, 2007

First visit Chile Alvaro Noboa, the billionaire and former Ecuadorian candidate

Friends with Sebastian Pinera, but had no qualms in taking advantage of the short time I had with President Michelle Bachelet to tell that he too had been “a victim of a dictatorship.” Loved and hated in his country, the businessman whose fortune is estimated at U.S. $ 1,000 million and former candidate for president of Ecuador, Alvaro Noboa, visited Chile for the first time to attend with his wife and three of his four children to the fifth version the “Father-Son Business Meeting” instance in which participated since its inception.

“There is a general exchange of experience in the process of inheritance, transfers of undertakings, business management and estate disputes” details.

And if anyone knows the importance of maintaining good relations between heirs is it. No wonder the courts should have won the right to inherit from his father after the latter bequeathed his fortune to the stepmother. But as in the stories, the story has a happy ending for Noboa.

What are the requirements to continue an economic empire?
“There must be ability and interest. Why do not interest the heir is unhappy and hurting the company ends. Heritage should not be automatic.”

What about the family problem was with the legacy of his father because his brothers were not interested?
“In a very large fortune, my father left more than half to his wife. And I left the 1.5%. Then we agreed and we bought the company.”

But the issue ended in a London court that said you were the rightful owner of 50.1% of Fruit Shippers.”Yes, the court gave me the reason”

And lest history repeat itself, do your children are interested in business?
“I have the blessing of my son Daniel (19) does. He is studying Business and did an internship with me.”

How about Chile for business?
“I want to pay tribute to Chile. During my presidential campaign I said I saw off Chile was an example for Latin America. You are a very advanced level of development compared to the rest of the region.”

Its history and political entrepreneur is like that of Sebastian Pinera.
“Yes, Sebastian did me the honor to be with me for the campaign.”

Are they friends?
I met him in Brazil before he was a candidate and he quickly gained an affection, respect and admiration. ”

At the opening dinner had opportunity to meet President Bachelet.
“We could talk just a moment. I was impressed that she knew the name of my party and was seen by CNN debate during the campaign. I told him that the year ’73 I suffered the ravages of a dictatorship. That I was gone for two months and suffered torture. They were very critical and Ecuador and now are returning to life. ”

How does the landscape Chile-Ecuador after the arrival of Correa to power?
“I hope to make a Free Trade Agreement between Chile and Ecuador. Chile is a model in that too.”

During his visit and the summit, has not thought of investing in Chile?
“I love it!”

Is there something in mind?
“Not yet, but I’d love”

In your opinion, what things make Chile an attractive country to invest?
“They know the game well. President Lagos, being a socialist, said that in the productive Chile believed in free enterprise”

Employers said that they loved Lagos.
(Laughs) “Financially it was liberal, but in social thought in socialist principles”

How do you play at a summit of “millionaires” the issue of inequity?
“The entrepreneur should a consumer you rich. Not by issues of social awareness, but by living together. When the consumer is rich has more capacity to buy. So we believe that poverty is bad for everyone. For the poor and the suffering the employer. ”

“On the campaign say terrible things about me”

One of his estate was charged with child exploitation. Even NYT published a story on the subject. What is there in these accusations?
“Europe is our main market and need to enter the certification Eurep. Gap. We could have it if things were as they have. In politics there are no lies and scandal. They wanted to get up false statements in campaign say terrible things about me” .

Another of his companies was accused of tax evasion.
“It started 5 years ago in Ecuador invoicing mandatory for farmers. I have a social responsibility to small producers who also supply me. And the farmer from perishable product was not ready. Then book our apartment helped to make invoices . We paid by check, we asked the withholding tax and sent them to the Internal Revenue Service. But they decided anularme all cost. ”

He was also accused of exceeding campaign spending provided for in their campaigns.
“That law made it for me. The vulgar called” Law Alvaro Noboa. “If this interview came out in a video made for my game on TV would consider spending Ecuadorian electoral campaign in 2010. Electoral spending starts with the electoral process, not before “.