Alvaro Noboa Officially Announced His Presidential Candidacy in Ecuador [VIDEO]


PRIAN political party among thousands of independent Ecuadorians have asked me to run for president in the upcoming elections. Therefore, I am a precandidate for the Ecuadorian Republic Presidency.

My candidacy is important for all the Ecuadorians that believe in a new Ecuador with specialized education.

My candidacy is important to everyone that believes in a country that has liberty of thought and expression. My candidacy is important to all who believe in the rights of free enterprise.

My struggle is important for those who want to attract investment to Ecuador and acquire wealth for everyone in our country. In the open elections I have already won to the Chief of State in the first electoral round at the year 2006.

I must warn you about the existence of a persecution against me which will be intensified in order for me to desist running for president.

The Chief of State has noticed his decay in popularity and does not wish other important candidates running for the upcoming presidential elections.

They will continue using the IRS to bring Exportadora Bananera Noboa to bankruptcy. They will not allow the company to defend itself at court.

They will continue controlling 100% of the Electoral Tribunals. They will continue bullying the press.

They will continue putting obstacles and not allowing freedom of inscription and movement among political parties.

With all these practices in Ecuador we will have similar elections to those countries where tyranny reigns: Cuba, Syria, and North Korea.

Ecuadorians, you should not be afraid, as I am not afraid. There is no evil that has endured 100 years. There is no country that has lived in their knees or stucked in poverty forever. Ecuador is still poor.

Together we can move the country forward and bring here wealth and echnology from the best nations of the world.

We can move Ecuador forward with hard work, education, health, social security, public safety, and in all fields.

Ecuadorians, let’s move forward! We have a great fight ahead and a bright future.

Let’s Keep Moving Forward, Ecuador.