Alvaro Noboa proposes marriage among the other candidates for president

With God,
In recent weeks several surveys agree on one thing: that Moreno, candidate of continuity has a 20 percent of support and four candidates have more than 40% of support. Those candidates are Guillermo Lasso, Paco Moncayo, Cinthya Viteri and I, Alvaro Noboa.
This is an excellent opportunity to win in the first round for those who want a change. The only thing we have to do is give up our vanities, give up our ambitions, and seek a single candidate.
If the other 3 decide it is not me. Well, everybody thinks that I say I’m the best. I will accept it with joy since Ecuador will be the grand winner.
There is not much time to make this decision because the four candidates that are officially nominated by our parties must hold an assembly, and we must nominate a candidate.
Imagine! Is in the hands of the four and the Ecuadorian people to change what has happened for ten years.
That is why I ask Ecuadorians; I ask God, and I ask the four candidates that from now on, I accept that we join and choose a single candidate. We would win in the first round because that way we would have more than 40% of the votes and the candidate of the ruling party would not reach more than a 20 percent.