Alvaro Noboa proves with documents that the Engabao lands are property of VIMARE


Businessman Alvaro Noboa showed documents that prove that the lands of the port of Engabao are owned by the VIMARE company, he announced this afternoon at a press conference.

He showed to the media the deeds of the Merceditas Farms 1 and 2, the land registry certificates and the tax payments made until this year.

“So far I haven´t been notified of any judgment, nor of the commune of Engabao, or any third party calling into question these deeds. Therefore, the municipality continues charging taxes, and the Registrar of the Property continues to certify that this property is ours,” Noboa said.

Merceditas 1 and Merceditas 2 belong since since 1983 and 1987 respectively to the the VIMARE company, of the Noboa Group.