Alvaro Noboa Sought to Ensure Results of the Upcoming Plebiscite

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Alvaro Noboa

Alvaro Noboa at the Press Conference

Today at a press conference, Ab. Alvaro Noboa gave his personal point of view about the next Ecuadorian referendum to be held on May 7.

Noboa stressed that ”this election is not a democratic election because we have an Electoral Council that is clearly attached to the Regime, which declared the Head of State as a political entity and he is in an open campaign.”

“I also believe that this referendum is not a democratic one because there is a huge control to the Ecuadorian press and that is very bad, because the press always has to be free,” he said.

Alvaro Noboa asked Ecuadorian people to make an electoral control because ”people say they will vote No” and “the National Electoral Council is saying that the No option is wore out.”

“All parties must make an electoral control; everyone, including the PRIAN party,” he said.

Noboa also did stress upon the unequal distribution of advertising media prior to the consultation on 7 May.

“We have been given a (small) power to make propaganda. While the President can speak about the referendum a month, we just can do it one day. There is a lack of democracy in this election. The State is able to campaign for hours every day while other parties have the opportunity for just one day. ”

“The only thing they are doing is to confuse people with cockfighting, casinos, with social insurance. What interests them is to take the Court and in that way democracy does not serve at all, as there is at the moment lots of doubts that we are in democracy,” he said.

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