Alvaro Noboa Talking to Residents of Manabi

Álvaro Noboa offers to lower taxes on imports and to slow down the rise in the basic cost of living to improve your family’s budget.

PRIAN Presidential candidate for Ecuador, Álvaro Noboa, today aired one of the concerns of the neighbors he visited on his tours. “The people complain about the high cost of living; that they can’t make it.”  The tours he undertakes in different parts of the country have the aim of listening to the needs of the people, and thereby discover solutions. “If we are close to the people, we can solve their problems.”  For that reason he is presenting one of his proposals related to the family budget.

“We are not going to allow the cost of the basic shopping basket to go up, and we are going to work towards lowering taxes on imports. These measures have a clear objective:  to give people a better quality of life and to boost the economy, to attract foreign investment, as well as, to give incentives to businesses to market with less taxes and to create jobs,” stated Álvaro.

Álvaro Noboa committed himself to detaining the rise in prices of the basic weekly shopping, and to lower taxes on imports for the good of the people of Ecuador.