Alvaro Noboa, the tycoon who describes himself as of center-left idelology


He is convinced of being of center-left ideology and is ready to unite opposition to fight in the elections of 2017 against “the candidate of continuity.” Thus, the Guayaquil businessman Alvaro Noboa is again looking for a place in politics, now pushing his Adelante Ecuatoriano Adelante party.

The political silence lasted about 3 years, when his party, the Prian, dissapeared from the records of the National Electoral Council. Only in September last year he had a sporadic appearance by starring a demonstration in Guayaquil against the Inheritances Bill.

In his view, the country’s problems are poverty, unemployment, lack of housing and health, corruption and price hike due to taxes, “which makes that the minimum wage is not even enough to eat.”

He outlines his political intention, “the opposition has to put aside vanity and launch a single nomination for renewal; the current government will have a continuism candidate, but the opposition candidate will be one.” He assures he wants to be the one who unites the opposition; “I’ll try,” he states, and insists that in 1998 the left voted for him and not for Jamil Mahuad. He has so much certainty that he expects everyone from the left, the center and the right “joins me, and I am willing to nominate another candidate in case they do not want me as a candidate, I will accept this.”