During a press conference, Alvaro Noboa referred to the video that shows a series of leaked emails from former President Rafael Correa to members of the Judicial Branch and his Cabinet, which were spread through social networks and published by Venezuelan journalist Patricia Poleo from the “Factors of power” website.

The information disclosed states: “this email in which Gustavo Jalkh informs Rafael Correa he has dismissed a judge for granting a writ of habeas corpus in favor of Alvaro Noboa,” referring to La Clementina case.

On this issue, the Ecuadorean businessman said that time and the press proved him right, and mentioned that everything happened during the previous government was the result of a political persecution, which ended with the seizure and auction of several assets.

“After several years, the press has proven me right. Life and justice have been on my side, and television channels, newspapers, social networks have confirmed that there was – as I always suspected it – a political persecution during 2012 – 2013, which ended up with the expropriation and auction of La Clementina hacienda, two cattle ranches, a beach resort, airplanes, cars and an array of assets.

Noboa also showed a publication of the website, which states: “The Noboa Group continues to maintain its hegemony in the country despite the tax disputes with the Government of Rafael Correa.”

“According to a report by a journalist surnamed Pástor, upon being informed by the Forbes magazine, the hegemony, the business leadership of Ecuador belongs to the Noboa Group (Alvaro Noboa). That has been a source of pride for me. As it was a point of pride to win the Presidency in 1998, which was taken away,” said the Guayaquil businessman.