Ecuadorians; With God, I want to make it clear that I have accepted the Ecuadorians’ request to run for president of Ecuador, in view of the crisis that the country is going through.
But it is the CNE, which is delaying the qualification of my candidacy, which is also the candidacy of more than 52% of Ecuadorians, the CNE wants to prevent Ecuadorians from voting for me, they want to prevent Ecuadorians from having the right to vote for your favorite candidate, which is me, let’s defend our vote.
Today the CNE is being controlled by list 6, that is, the PSC (Partido Social Cristiano) and by list 21, Guillermo Lasso’s CREO party.
Let’s fight until the final victory, let’s fight against the CNE, which at the instruction of its bosses wants to take away our right to vote from the majority of Ecuadorians.
Glory to God, long live Ecuador!