Ecuadorians, citizens of the world.

What we Ecuadorians and citizens of the world are looking for is a great economic and social transformation that begins in Ecuador and hopefully it will be imitated in the rest of the world. To do this, I pre-nominated for President of the Republic, but we are still far from the candidacy. Months are missing, procedures are missing, but most importantly conditions are missing. For there to be a new Ecuador, there must be democracy, and for this we must reorganize the Electoral Tribunal and put there illustrious citizens who are not committed to anyone but to the homeland. Only there can we recover the democracy that we have lost.

It is also important that the different political parties, left and right, unite to make a single front to transform Ecuador. I am on the right in production and on the left in the distribution of social services, that is my ideology.
I have spoken with big parties on the left and on the right that want my leadership. But this has not yet reached its end, which should already be the union of all parties. Once I have achieved this, I must bring from abroad and choose the best economists in Ecuador and under my leadership, generate wealth in this country as I have achieved for my companies. All Ecuadorians must become rich. The poor become middle class. The middle class become upper class and we all have the right to become rich.

But that if Ecuadorians, I am not here in the world to waste time, I have much, much to do, I have fronts everywhere; In my companies, with my children, with the people of Ecuador, I even have dreams and aspirations of returning to America to a single country, so I can dedicate myself to this, which I can achieve in a year or in a year and a half. the conditions. If the conditions are not met, I step aside and let any other leader of Ecuador take responsibility.

I am grateful to those on the left who have wanted to join their parties, to those on the right who have wanted to join in this fight, and to the ranks who go home, who learn to work as I did; and not to steal as they steal. With this Ecuadorians my position is clear, I will work for you if the conditions are right. And if all of you, your number eight, your number nine, your number seven thousand, your number one million you join the fight until victory always.

Glory to God.
Long live Ecuador.