Alvaro Noboa to the Durán Mayor

With God.

Mrs. Alexandra Arce, mayor of Durán.

With all the respect you deserve as a lady and as mayor of Duran, I want to say the following words.

That you acted very badly in trying to put pressure on the members of the Court and the judge who was looking into the case of expropriation of the VIMARE land in Duran, and that he has asked for the suspension of his position and has said that he is going to prosecute, that’s the world of the correismo.

All Ecuadorians vote Yes, so that the intervention of any authority in the courts of Ecuador is over.

Second. I want to say that being in favor of the airway, I made a tour of the city of Duran and I realized that people ask me and asks everyone who asks what problems, they ask potable water, sewerage, sidewalks, curbs and streets cemented. And they complain about that! That at the moment, Durán is in a state of abandonment.

And third point. I recommend that for the airway, use the land of Durán that remains on the Malecón, next to the large letters that Duran says, and save money not only on the value of the land, that money is saved in all the infrastructure work I would have to do as: streets, sidewalks, curbs, because in the VIMARE land there is no such infrastructure.

I do this as a patriot and as an Ecuadorian.

And I ask all Ecuadorians to stand in solidarity with Durán, and to stand in solidarity with justice and the Court, so that we can return to living within the law and in freedom.


Glory to God!

Long live Ecuador!