Álvaro Noboa Tours Durán

Candidate for President of the Republic, Álvaro Noboa Pontón described as successful the reception of the neighbors from the Durán region.  He returned the lovely gesture with the donation of Christmas presents to children of low income families in the areas of Abel Gilberth Pontón, Primavera I and II, as well as adjoining neighborhoods including, among others Arbolito and Elsa Bucarám.  During the progression both via car and on foot, the businessman received the support of residents of Durán city, who shouted “Álvaro President”.

The people embraced the candidate and he denounced the cost of living and that the rise in cost of basic provisions is becoming steadily overwhelming. “During my door-to-door tours, people come out and they say to me, ‘Alvarito, we can’t stand the high cost of living. The prices have risen because of the amount of taxes that they are imposing against us.” I say to them that I am the only candidate with a plan to lower taxes on imports and to lower the cost of goods of primary necessity.”  (audio)

Noboa is clear to signal that what is required in a county for there to be economic growth is to establish clear rules that allow foreign investors to trust and believe that Ecuador is an attractive country for investment.  Also required is judicial guarantees that will bring about that return of Ecuadorian businessmen to the country. During his tour, Noboa enjoyed a traditional barbecued corncob with cheese.