Álvaro Noboa Tours Esmeralda Province And Contributes Micro-Enterprises

During his tour of Esmeraldas province, in the Quininde region, attorney Álvaro Noboa,  donated an industrial stove, a glass-window refrigerator, a tank of gas, various domestic appliances, and other kitchen implements to Mrs. Miriam Zambrano, in order for her to start her own micro-enterprise, a Soda Bar.

With this contribution, Álvaro Noboa helps to lessen the poverty of a family with scarce economic resources.


Ecuadorians, today, Wednesday, January 16, I am here in Quinindé with Myriam Zambrano from the neighborhood of 8 de Junio. We are here in the name of the New Humanity Crusade Foundation to bring here all the implements required for her to set up a Soda Bar, here in Quinindé.

In this way, she will have employment for many years, and as the business grows, she can employ other people.

I would like to say, once more, to the young people of Ecuador, that I am in favor of universities being free, that there be no entrance exams, without restrictions, and that every young person can choose their profession.

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