Álvaro Noboa Tours Latacunga

Dressed in a poncho typical of the region, Álvaro Noboa toured Latacunga, shaking hands with thousands of citizens who came out onto the streets to greet him and show their support.

As President of the New Humanity Crusade, Noboa delivered a semi-professional sewing machine, fabrics, threads, needles and other sewing implements in order to set up a workshop for handmade crafts.

Álvaro Noboa backs up his statements with actions:  “I don’t promise work, I provide work.”

“We don’t give alms, we establish micro-enterprises,” added Noboa, upon expressing that the people establishing their own businesses were in that way able to leave poverty behind them. This is an example of what my government will be like when I am President.”

Álvaro Noboa accompanied by his wife and running mate, Dr. Annabella Azín, their son Santiago, and candidates for the National Assembly, Shirley Borja, Juan Carlos Machuca, Eliana Azín, Patricio Eastman y Wilson Sánchez, presided over a motorcade that toured streets that included Gral. Proaño, Oriente, San Salvador, and Isla Wolf.

Textual Transcription:

Álvaro Noboa: I am here in Latacunga, Cotopaxi Province, together with Maria Lourdes Ronquillo, who has been abandoned by her husband and who also, unfortunately, has a sick child.

Therefore, we have resolved to assist her in the best way, which is to establish a micro-enterprise, a workshop for making crafts that will allow her to work from her own home and take care of her child at the same time. And for her son, we are bringing the medicines that will help with his illness.

Maria Lourdes Ronquillo: Thank you, Counselor Noboa, that you allow me to get ahead, with your help I am going to be able to always be with my son and work from home. May God help you and may He repay you. Thank you very much.

Álvaro Noboa: I DON’T PROMISE JOBS, I GIVE JOBS, and we don’t give out alms, we set up businesses, we set up micro-enterprises and when I become President, there we will establish large companies in order for all Ecuadorians to have jobs.