Álvaro Noboa tours Loja


Here, in Loja, I would like to present to Ecuadorians recent developments in political issues that have occurred in the last days. One, is that I have resolved that, under my Presidency, the Voucher will be raised from $50 to $100 a day. But for that to occur, I will generate 2 million jobs at the same time. Therefore, there will be very few people receiving the Voucher because everyone will be employed and earning, hopefully, according to my plans, $1,000, $2,000, $3,000 dollars because, for that, I am thinking of bring a thousand big companies to the country. Internationally, Grupo Noboa is a mid-sized company and Grupo Noboa has companies that employ 2,000, 6,000, 8,000 people. Therefore, for a big company, like Johnson & Johnson, like any of them, that are now in Panama, to employ 5,000, 10,000 persons is nothing, and with that the problem of unemployment is ended, and with that, we will also achieve that the middle class also improves their income.

In regards to the issue of the teachers that I have heard throughout the country, they want two things, and I have committed myself to giving them: that they return to their old schedule because they say they have the same income for more work hours, and besides which, they don’t use them for working, and that it was nothing more than a whim on the part of Economist Correa. And to return to them the rights that they had before Economist Correa’s government.

I am also going to return the rights the National Police have lost under the government of Economist Correa. There are issues of recognition for medals, recognition for seniority, recognition for merit that have been neglected and since that has been terrible for the police, they are going to return to having all the rights they have lost. Apart from that, in my companies, I am lacking qualified staff. Therefore the people who work in public service do not have to be afraid that I am going to fire them and hire other people, because I need people. So I can guarantee stability to all the public servants and it will not be like in other governments where the public service jobs are by political quotas.  I was once a public servant, I was President of the Banco Central, President of the Reserve Fund, and I didn’t bring even one new employee, and yet, I took to Reserve to a historical level in 1996-1997. Therefore, I have a history that confirms this.