Álvaro Noboa tours the principal working-class sectors of Babahoyo generating support

There is no doubt that one of the PRIAN bastions is the Los Ríos province, where more than a hundred cars took part in a motor cavalcade departing from the entrance of Babahoyo and presided by party leader and Presidential candidate for the Republic, Álvaro Noboa.

During the tour, Noboa was accompanied by Assembly candidates from the province: Gissell Rosado, Richard Morán, Jamel Zambrano, Luis Piedrahita, Patricia Yépez, and Vicente Salazar. Much euphoria and optimism was evident in the streets of the capital of Los Rios province, given that hundreds of citizens joined the march to show their support.

One of the principal proposals of Álvaro Noboa’s campaign is to generate sources of employment, together with national and foreign investment, in order for a thousand large businesses to establish themselves in Ecuador which would be responsible for opening the doors to a large number of currently unemployed Ecuadorians.

The residents of Babahoyo wished him success in his run for President of the Republic and afterwards shared a fry-up plus a visit to working-class neighborhoods in the Babahoyo region, such as Puerta Negra, Paraíso, La Aventura, and Barreiro, located in the center of the city, as well as Virgilio Zúñiga, one of the places most forgotten by the sectional authorities. It was an opportunity for Álvaro Noboa to donate toys to children of families with few economic resources during these Christmas holidays.

During the tour, he was also accompanied by his children, Santiago, Carla and Daniel, as well as Sylka Sánchez and Roberto Ponce, both National Assembly candidates.