Álvaro Noboa Tours The Ventanas And Vinces Regions In The Province Of Los Ríos

Álvaro Noboa, PRIAN candidate for President of the Republic, toured the regions of Ventanas and Vinces in the province of Los Ríos. Noboa began his tour at the “Liga Deportiva Ventanas” Stadium where hundreds of followers and supporters were waiting for him, as well as Assembly candidates, Gissel Rosado, Richard Morán, and Jamel Zambrano, among others. During his tour of marginal neighborhoods like Loma I, Loma II, 10 de Noviembre and 24 de Mayo, the businessman donated toys to children from low income families. He also talked to residents who expressed their discomfort as the government works had not reached their neighborhood. Noboa responded by signaling:  “You should not lose hope. It’s necessary for the people of Ventanas and the other regions of the Los Ríos province and of the country to join the Álvaro Noboa plan. That way we will achieve the objective of making a new country for everybody.”

 The Presidential hopeful then turned to the Vinces region where an innumerable crowd of people waited to accompany him as he donated gifts to the children of that area. Noboa headed a motor cavalcade and later in his tour of the region was able to take in the basic needs, and the state of abandonment, of the residents.