Álvaro Noboa visited the Municipal Hospital of Samborondón

In his tour of Samborondón, the principal town of the region, Álvaro Noboa visited the municipal hospital and put forward that in his government he would send Medical Brigades to all the rural sectors of the country in order for farmers to be attended in the place where they live.

He made this declaration together with Jacinto Cruz Paredes, a humble agricultural worker, currently in the municipal hospital for stomach problems, an affliction that could easily have been attended at his home without having to go to hospital.


I am here in Samborondón, in the Municipal Hospital , together with Jacinto Cruz Paredes. He is a farmer who I am visiting, who has stomach problems at the moment, and I am taking advantage of my visit to Samborodón in order to visit him.

“Under my government I will make traveling medical brigades available to attend people like Mr. Jacinto Cruz on his own farm or in the same area, because often they can’t be transported because they have had a heart attack or a serious accident. I am thinking of resolving this serious health problem in that way for farmers in Ecuador.”

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