Alvaro Noboa: What I Believe In (VIDEO) [AUG-8TH-2011]

Aug 8th, 2011

What I believe in

I believe in freedom and in those who struggle for freedom.

I believe that we all are equal before the Law. I believe in justice and in the independence of the courts of justice

I believe that everyone has the right to access to quality medical care and I also believe in universal health.

I believe that we all have the right to achieve happiness.

I believe in one True God, full of love, who blesses us, who is merciful, the one that is always there to help us.  I believe in all mankind and in your salvation by Christ.

I believe everyone should have the opportunity to educate and eventually become technicians, professionals, and modern businessmen.

I believe in the brotherhood of the black, white, Chinese, Indians and mestizos.

I believe it is necessary to struggle in order to end poverty in the world.

I believe that we should not have class struggle. I believe that we are all brothers and we must work together, united in one common purpose.

I believe in employment.

I believe in agriculture, industry, trade, fishing, mining, tourism, and in all activities that generate production and jobs.

I believe in having children or in considering the adoption of kids that have no parents. I believe we must educate children and young people and protect them, I believe in the happiness they bring us and I believe in the future they represent.

I believe in youth
I believe in change to achieve progress
I believe in the honor, dignity, and honesty of the human beings
I believe we must stop corruption
I believe in social security
I believe poor neighborhoods should become first class neighborhoods, with concrete houses, paved streets with potable water, electric service, sewers, safely and basic utilities
I believe in private property and in the right that all human beings have to produce wealth, generate employment and create companies as a result of their own work and talent.
I believe schools, universities, and technical schools should be modern and must be equipped with computers, technology, and everything needed to help students reach the highest level of education they may desire
I believe in democracy, in the independence of powers in order to avoid situations such as the perpetuation of a president in power, to avoid that person to become a tyrant. Elections held in a state in which the president has the absolute power and controls the media and the courts is like there had been no elections. This is not democracy
I believe in free enterprise, I believe in free trade, and I believe in the rights of workers
I believe entrepreneurs, workers, and government have to work along for the same mission which is production and welfare for producer and consumers
I believe everyone, absolutely everyone, must have employment
I believe we must end crime
I believe in telling what we think freely
I believe in the leftist concept of social service and in the rightist concepts of production
I believe in a strong, wealthy, modern, and civilized nation
I believe in forgiveness
I believe in human rights
I believe in the beauty of nature and its protection
I believe in the art and beauty
I believe in exercises, sports, and body care
I believe in laughter and joy
I believe in ending poverty
I believe in persevere
I believe we must not live in fear
I believe in love
I believe in union
I believe in the overcoming of the human being
I believe in hope
I believe in happiness

If you believe in one or more of the things i believe in follow me, join me. let’s fight together every day to make our dreams a big reality.
Álvaro Noboa